Templar Humanitarianism

Templar Humanitarianism

Humanitarianism seems to be more on the forefront these days with increasing requests to support or respond to the needs of others throughout the world. Humanitarianism is promoted as an ethic of kindness, benevolence and sympathy extended universally and impartially to others.

We rise as humanity in our response with no distinction in the face of suffering or abuse on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, or national origin. It is the state of reasoning that transcends all basis of difference between humans. Humanity respectfully sets aside conflicts that we have created that relate to politics, religion, or culture. Sitting in the face of suffering seems to be one of the few times that we allow our reasoning to processes at a higher level toward divine concepts and understanding. Ironically, it is this connective understanding that is immediate and does not require lengthy periods of contemplation or reasoning – we simply know in our hearts and our minds what we should do. It is often only through these moments of crisis that people can relate to the Open Mind and Open Heart of a Templar.

So, what is World Templar doing to fulfill a humanitarian role in today’s state of need? World Templar recognizes humanitarianism as more than just a “reactive” process, and understands the “proactive” nature of humanitarian service. This means that rather than waiting for things to happen, or planning to react when things happen, World Templar promotes action at this moment to strengthen our individual abilities though an Open Mind and Heart to provide service to humanity.

By significantly changing the way we think, Templars rise to higher levels of understanding and service in the following ways:

  1. With an Open Mind we increase our knowledge, motivation, and initiation toward better skills and pay grades – this allows a greater opportunity for financial contributions without threatening our stability as an individual or citizen.
  2. With an Open Heart we increase our compassionate giving of our own financial and physical resources without creating hardship for our self or family. A more successful business can donate significant amounts of product without hardship.
  3. With an Open Mind we increase our skill sets, which can serve the direct needs of others to a greater degree – this allows us to treat more people in need more efficiently and in greater numbers.
  4. With an Open Heart we are more willing to rotate our professional services though organized efforts to assist disaster areas – this means as a more skilled professional we can offer more direct skilled service to those in need, and by having a stronger, more stable, business we can afford to take a week to provide direct care to others when needed.
  5. With an Open Mind and Heart we are more influential to decision makers as we rise in ranks within our professions and government – this allows more preventative action and more stable thinking when exposed to poor, or impulsive, decision making in moments of crisis.

As a Templar, our natural focus to foster and protect an Open Mind and Heart not only serves ourselves, but it stands to spark the light within others to understand that they too, are a Templar, and can change their life and the lives of those around them. They can see their humanitarian role with a more realistic potential. Rather than just giving when they don’t have it, they can start giving before they are ever asked.

It is through direct effort to consciously open our mind to know more, and learn from other perspectives, that we invest in our self and create a stronger self to serve others. Without first establishing an internal strength — our giving comes at a great cost to our own well being and can threaten our families and our societies. A Templar understands that they must work each day to strengthen their mind and heart to rise to a greater level for humanity.


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