Famous Castles of Knight Orders

Famous castles – Pictures of medieval castles of Knight Orders. Templar castles, Teutonic castles, castles of Hospitallers, Knights of St. James, Calatrava order and Crusaders with Red Star.

Known by many, the warriors of Knights of Templar were controversial and very powerful. Though their oath swore them to live in poverty, many gifts and donations were bestowed upon the order and were not refused. The resources were used to build on land given to them by various people. They became extremely wealthy and so powerful that they came to demise after being accused of heresy.

Acre-Akko tower-Templar HQ, Israel

Convent of Christ, Tomar, Portugal

Chastel Blank (White Castle), Syria

Chateau d’Arricau Bordes, France

Teutonic Castles

Teutonic knights were as much powerful as the Templars were. Teutonic castles are located mostly in north-eastern and in central Europe.

Konigsberg castle-Kaliningrad, Founded by Premysl Ottokar II, Czech King

Bouzov Castle, Czech Republic

Castles of Knights Hospitallers

Castles of Knights Hospitallers (Knights of Saint John, Knights of Malta). Castles can be found in Mediterranean sea.

Rhodes Castle

Malta Castle

Calatrava Castles

Castles of Calatrava Order are located in Spain.

Castillo de Calatrava la Nueva, Spain

Alcaniz Castle, Spain

Castles of Knight of St. James Order

Ucles Monastery, Spain, Order HQ

Knights of the Cross with the Red Star

Knights of the Cross with the Red Star HQ, Prague

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