The Temple and Templar Portal

What comes to mind when you hear or see the word Templar? How do you connect with the term that brings so many people together from all walks of life and from locations all over the globe? Perhaps you related to the physical temple location of the historic Knights Templar. Some may relate to lodges and priories spread throughout the world. Others may even consider the temple to dwell within each one of us. We are all reading this, but in which way do we individually connect as a Templar?

Sensing and Experiencing with our Mind

Our brain processes the stimuli that we attend to with an increase in the firing rate of individual brain cells resulting in greater clarity and detail. Continued focus increases the synchrony of the brain cells together. As detail increases for the attended area, the detail of the unattended areas decrease and become more obscure. You can shift your attention between difference senses and different levels of processing of the brain.

Spectrum of our Existence

  • On one end of the spectrum is the physical — on the other end of the spectrum is the non-physical.
  • On one end is the concrete and literal — on the other is the abstract and conceptual.
  • On one end are our raw senses of the physical — and on the other is our sense of higher level thought and wisdom.
  • On one end is a physical temple — and on the other is the Templar within us.
  • On one end we favor physical buildings, objects, and rituals — and on the other end we favor thought, the mind, and wisdom.

Where are you most comfortable? As a Templar do you look for an organization that focuses on the physical locations, objects, and differences between us? Do you look for an organization that is one with all people and favors a common wisdom? Neither one is right or wrong — it is just the relative place in the spectrum where you are most comfortable.

Spectrum of Difference

  • On one end are endless points of difference — and on the other end is oneness.
  • On one end we focus on differences in people and cultures — and on the other end we focus on our connection and oneness with all cultures.

As we increase our focus on the physical we will sense difference and conflict — as we decrease our focus on the physical we can synthesize our thoughts and sense oneness. Over time we have favored a physical reality; and, have lessened our appreciation of the reality of thought. We have become more familiar and comfortable with managing our physical existence and our mind has become more deconditioned and dysfunctional. Yet we honestly wonder why we seem to live in conflict and despair.

World Templar seeks to decrease the physical distractions that keep us from obtaining greater levels of thought and wisdom and oneness. As a Templar you are privy to an environment where your family seeks to develop the ability to open our minds to great things. You will become more aware in situations that dwell on the differences between us — and that is when it is important to exercise an open mind and seek thought to find oneness.

Ironically, improving the physical does not come through physical force. It comes through wisdom and understanding and a common connection of all humanity. As long as you think someone, or some group, is bad you are choosing to focus on differences. As you dwell on the differences you will progressively be more stimulated by the differences. This negativity will increase in intensity until you would be willing to do anything to force an end to it.

As a Templar, when you sense difference, put forth conscious effort to cut the ties that connect or obligate the physical so that you can find the oneness between things.

The World Templar



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